Autism Assessments

Our clinical team at KT Healthcare is highly trained and experienced in carrying out Autism assessments, supporting families and individuals throughout the process and post diagnosis. We provide assessments for children from 5 years old, and work with young people and adults of any age.
Our private Autism assessments strictly adhere to a code of conduct drawn from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

Our multidisciplinary team includes Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, who each adhere to their own professional codes of conduct, as well as engaging in regular and ongoing professional development. During your Autism assessment, a nominated patient coordinator will oversee each step of the process and will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Autism has been viewed for too long as a disorder or deficit that needs to be corrected. Here at KT Healthcare we come from the standpoint that Autism means difference. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ autistic person and the notion of an autistic ‘spectrum’ is a way of summing up in a word the variety that there is between autistic people. For this reason, our post-assessment reports are detailed and comprehensive and include information about the outcome of your Autism assessment according to the diagnostic criteria, as well as a detailed set of recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We come from a strengths-based perspective as well as recognising an individual’s challenges and needs.

Autism Assessment Costs

Our Autism Assessments are £2250 – this is inclusive of child and adult assessments.

Combines Autism and ADHD Assessments are £2850.

What Is Autism?

You may be the parent of a child or young person wondering about Autism, or you may be an adult considering the possibility that you could be autistic.

Differences during early development can sometimes mean that a diagnosis of Autism is considered during early childhood. However, differences sometimes only become evident later, during adolescence or adulthood as demands upon an individual change or increase.

The challenges you or your child may have been experiencing can be wide ranging including for example:

1. Difficulties in making and maintaining social relationships
2. Finding task organisation and time planning challenging
3. Differences in emotional regulation
4. Finding social interactions stressful and/or exhausting
5. Finding aspects of an environment overwhelming from a sensory perspective.

Many of the challenges for an autistic person arise from trying to fit in with a ‘neurotypical’ world that can be rigid in its expectations of what is considered the norm.

Throughout the assessment process, we prioritise supporting and facilitating an individual to understand themselves more fully, because this is a vital foundation for physical and mental wellbeing.

There is legislation that protects the rights of autistic children, young people and adults in the UK. Having a diagnosis of Autism can often mean, for example, seeking reasonable accommodations, either within an educational setting or workplace, based upon an autistic individual’s specific needs.
Autism can be present alongside other neurodevelopmental differences such as ADHD.

If the information collected during your assessment indicates this, we will discuss this with you at the end of your assessment and suggest next steps.

What Will My Autism Assessment Look Like?

We understand that approaching an Autism assessment and considering whether the outcome might be a ‘diagnosis’ or a ‘non diagnosis’ can be a challenging time.

Following your initial enquiry:

  • We will telephone you to talk with you about your referral information and understand your concerns. We will use screening questionnaires to help guide our initial conversation and so that we can make sure that an Autism assessment is right for you.  We will do our best to answer any questions you may have at this stage.

  • We will ask you to complete some further questionnaires to gather background information. If you are the parent/guardian/carer of a child or young person, we will ask you to complete these about your child.

  • We will complete a developmental history interview. As the parent/guardian/carer of a child or young person, your insights are a key part of the assessment process. We use a detailed questionnaire to explore your child’s early development and milestones and to follow their progress through to their current presentation. We use a standardised questionnaire called the ADIR (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised), which is considered a ‘gold standard’ tool when exploring an Autism diagnosis.

  • If you are an adult, we will ask you to nominate a suitable informant who can complete a questionnaire and interview based on their knowledge of you. This can a parent or someone else who has known you over a period of years. If you are unsure who this might be, we can help you to identify a suitable informant for this part of the process.

  • We will complete an observation assessment with the child/young person/adult. We use the ADOS-2 (the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition) which includes activities that can help a trained clinician to evaluate an individual’s communication skills, social interaction style and play or imaginative use of materials, depending upon the individual’s developmental age. The ADOS-2 is a ‘gold standard’ observational tool when assessing for possible Autism.

  • Occasionally we may need to do some further investigation before being able to reach a diagnostic decision.

    For example, we may need to find out more about an individual’s internal experiences during communication and if appropriate, may use a questionnaire such as the CAT-Q to do this. Or we may need to do a Speech and Language evaluation or a Psychological evaluation to understand more about a person’s unique profile. We will keep you fully informed at each step of the process if we need to do further assessment.

  • Once assessments are concluded and our multidisciplinary team has reached an agreement about the outcome of your assessment, we will arrange a one-hour face-to-face or online session with you, to share and explain the outcome of the assessment with you.

  • Once the feedback session is completed, we will send you a copy of your post-assessment report. With your consent, we will also share this with the individual’s GP and if appropriate, their educational setting.

Post-Assessment Support

We recognise that receiving an autistic diagnosis is the beginning of a lifelong process of learning and self knowledge.  After completing your assessment, we can offer a range of options including:

  • A series of neuroaffirming workshops that will introduce a framework for understanding Autism.

  • If sensory needs were highlighted during the assessment process, we can arrange for one of our highly trained Occupational Therapists to work with you to build a sensory profile with recommendations and strategies to support an individual’s sensory processing needs.

  • If speech, language and communication needs are highlighted our team of Speech and Language Therapists can provide language support.

  • Our Clinical Psychologists can support mental health needs

We Provide Face To Face Autism Assessments In The Following Locations:

  • Derby

  • Colchester

  • Nottingham

  • Birmingham

  • Newcastle

  • Leeds

  • Berkshire

  • London

  • South Wales

  • Surrey

  • Sussex

  • And Surrounding Areas

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I woke closely with KT healthcare and they are not ‘go to’ when sourcing excellent therapists for my clients. The team are extremely helpful and efficient in dealing with all matters and a pleasure to work with as part of a team. Highly recommend!

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