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KT Healthcare are a family-owned private therapy company specialising in therapeutic services. Our core values centre around establishing meaningful connections with our clients and their families while delivering therapy of the highest quality. We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals of all ages, both adults, and children & young people have access to the appropriate therapy to thrive within their families, cultivate friendships, and become integral members of their communities.

If KT Healthcare sounds like the place for you, take a look at our current vacancies.

Current Office Vacancies

Standard & Accreditations Manager

Location: Remote

Status: Part-time

Role Description:As the Standard & Accreditations Manager at KT Healthcare, you will play a crucial role in establishing and upholding our quality standards and accreditation processes. This involves coordinating accreditation audits and inspections, working closely with external auditors and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance. You will implement and oversee quality improvement initiatives aimed at enhancing service delivery and improving client outcomes. Additionally, you will provide guidance and support to internal teams, conduct regular reviews of policies and procedures, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and address areas for improvement. Your efforts will contribute to maintaining our commitment to excellence and ensuring alignment with established standards and regulations.

Recruitment Manager

Location: Remote

Status: Full-time

Role Description:As the Recruitment Manager at KT Healthcare, you will be responsible for the recruitment of therapists into the company. You will work closely with department heads to assess resource needs, develop strategic plans for resource allocation, and ensure that resources are utilised efficiently to meet organisational objectives. Join us in this pivotal role to ensure that KT Healthcare operates smoothly and efficiently to deliver exceptional therapy services to our clients.

Psychology Lead

Location: Remote

Status: Part-time

Role Description:As the Psychology Lead at KT Healthcare, you will spearhead our psychological services, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to our clients. Your responsibilities will include leading a team of psychologists, overseeing the development and implementation of psychological assessment and treatment plans, and ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines and best practices in psychology. You will collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals to provide integrated care and support multidisciplinary approaches to client treatment. Additionally, you will be responsible for staying abreast of the latest research and advancements in the field of psychology, incorporating evidence-based practices into our services, and providing clinical supervision and mentorship to junior staff members.

New Partnerships Manager

Location: Remote

Status: Part-time

Role Description: As the New Partnerships Manager at KT Healthcare, you will lead our efforts in cultivating and fostering strategic partnerships to expand our reach and impact. Your role will involve identifying and engaging potential partners, negotiating and establishing mutually beneficial collaborations, and developing strategies to leverage these partnerships for growth and innovation. You will work closely with senior leadership to align partnership initiatives with organisational goals and priorities, and you will be responsible for nurturing relationships with key stakeholders to ensure long-term success. Additionally, you will monitor market trends and opportunities, conduct market research, and explore new avenues for partnership development. Join us in this dynamic role to drive forward our mission of improving therapy access and outcomes through collaborative partnerships.

Clinical Operations Manager – (Autism/ADHD Services)

Location: Remote

Status: Part-time

Role Description:As the Clinical Operations Manager for Autism/ADHD Services at KT Healthcare, you will lead the operational aspects of our specialised programs, ensuring the delivery of exceptional care to individuals with autism and ADHD. Your responsibilities will include overseeing the day-to-day operations of our clinical services, managing a team of professionals, and ensuring adherence to clinical protocols and quality standards. You will collaborate with internal stakeholders to optimize service delivery, streamline processes, and enhance the client experience. Additionally, you will play a key role in program development, implementation, and evaluation, working closely with clinicians and researchers to incorporate evidence-based practices and innovative approaches into our services. Join us in this impactful role to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by autism and ADHD.

Why Choose KT Healthcare?

Our subcontracting model offers flexibility, allowing you to choose the amount of work that suits your schedule, whether it’s alongside your NHS or private practice, or balancing with family responsibilities for working parents.

We offer peer supervision, supportive management, access to resources, and the opportunity to engage in private practice within a collaborative team environment.

We are passionate about therapy and dedicated to ensuring that each member of our team receives the support and resources they need to excel in their practice. We believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development, where therapists can thrive and make a real difference in the lives of their clients.

At our core, we prioritise the well-being of both our therapists and the individuals they serve. We understand the vital role therapy plays in improving lives, and we are driven by a shared mission to deliver high-quality care with compassion and expertise.

What’s It Like Working With Us?

Joining KT Healthcare has allowed me to grow professionally with the help of the highly skilled professional team. Something that has struck me is the sense of kindness and generosity, where the main priority is always doing the best for our clients. It is a privilege to be a part of this team!

Photo fo a speech therapist smiling at camera

KT Healthcare provide ample opportunities for supervision and development and as an independent Therapist, you feel far from lonely. I’m excited for the future of the company and I’m privileged to be part of it. I would highly recommend being part of their team.

Working at KT Healthcare allows me to make unexpected, meaningful differences. The support and rehabilitation I offer impacts our vulnerable patients and extends to their families during crucial times.

KT Healthcare Values And Culture

KT Healthcare stands as one of the leading specialist therapy providers in the UK, offering comprehensive rehabilitation therapy services tailored for the personal injury, schools and charity sectors.

As dedicated healthcare specialists, our mission is to assist individuals recovering from accidents or facing health challenges impacting their professional lives. Our commitment revolves around enhancing people’s health and facilitating access to the best, streamlined, and impactful healthcare.

If KT Healthcare aligns with your career aspirations, explore our current job opportunities or get in touch more more information.